American Idol always gives major surprises and shocking eliminations every year and with the talent involved, it's no wonder it is the most successful reality TV show in history. People all over the place think that it is rigged and that the judge "unfairly", psshhh....are you the manager of the show? Do you know how it runs? Are you a platinum album millionaire judge? I don't think so! So there will be no wining here, only my opinions and the possible fates of Season 12's contestants.


New York City Auditions

The New York City Auditions aired on January 16, the day Season 12 premiered. New York brought a lot of surprising contenders, many of them being talent less. But with 41 golden tickets total being given out, it ranks as the 4th most talented city of the Auditions. In these auditions, I found my most favorite singer of the season, Angela Miller! So New York was a 4/4 for talent, a 2/4 for entertainment, and 2/4 for inspiration in my opinion.

Chicago Auditions

The Chicago Auditions aired on January 17, the day after Season 12 of Idol premiered. Chicago brought out a lot of, well, interesting characters. Characters such as Gabe Brown, Johnny Keyser, Lazaro Arbos, and Curtis Finch Jr. Many of these guys were very good singers and I hope they make it far in the competition. Chicago was also very inspiring, especially with Lazaro Arbos and his stutter defect. It's strange how he can sing just fine but talking is a difficult process. Gabe Brown reminded me of Jack Black because of how he sang, Curtis has true soul, and Johnny has a pretty good superstar voice. But of course there was the failures of the auditions, but since when isn't there any anyways. In the end, Chicago rounded out 47 golden tickets ranking it the 2nd most talented city of the auditions. Chicago was a 4/4 for talent, a 3/4 for entertainment, and a 4/4 for inspiration in my opinion.

Charlotte Auditions

The Charlotte Auditions aired on January 23, the week after the season premier. Charlotte gave america incredible talent with amazing singers such as Candice Glover, Janelle Arthur, Ashley Smith, and Sarika Guinn. Candice was praised by Randy Jackson saying she had the best voice he had heard all season, it was also her second time auditioning for American Idol after being cut in Hollywood last season. Janelle Arthur gave the judges a great performance with a beautiful voice, it is her fourth time auditioning for American Idol. Ashley wowed America as she sang a lot better than anticipated because of her persona. And Nicki Minaj connected with Sarika Guinn and her young daughter as she talked about her injured husband and how her daughter is a fan of Minaj. In the end, Charlotte rounded out 37 golden tickets making it the fifth most talented city of the auditions. Charlotte was a 4/4 for talent, a 2/4 for entertainment, and a 4/4 for inspiration in my opinion.

Baton Rough Auditions

The Baton Rough Auditions aired on January 24, the day after the Charlotte Auditions. Baton Rough is the hometown of "The Dawg" (Randy Jackson), and he was hoping for the best talent of season; and well, he almost got what he wanted. Many singers that stepped through the doors disappointed Jackson as he continued to hope for good and raw talent. In the midst of the "disappointments", there were some figures that stood out from everybody else. Those figures being Paul Jolley, Calvin T. Peters, Charlie Askew, Megan Miller, and Amber Holcomb. Paul Jolley sang with a great voice and put a lot of emotion into his singing. Calvin T. Peters was a doctor singer and gave Randy Jackson was he'd been searching for. Charlie Askew inspired everyone who was watching as he talked about his very lonely childhood, he also had a decent voice. Megan Miller, the gal with the crutches, urged the judges that she'd be fit for singing in Hollywood rounds as she would be healed by then, she also had a very good voice and even played with her crutches while singing. Amber Holcomb sang at incredible levels as she wowed the judges with what she had, this is her second time auditioning after being cut from the Las Vegas rounds last season. In the end, Baton Rough rounded out 35 golden tickets making it the sixth most talented city of the auditions. Baton Rough was a 4/4 for talent, a 3/4 for entertainment, and a 4/4 for inspiration in my opinion.

To be continued.......

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