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    American Idol Season 12

    February 22, 2013 by STO12

    American Idol always gives major surprises and shocking eliminations every year and with the talent involved, it's no wonder it is the most successful reality TV show in history. People all over the place think that it is rigged and that the judge "unfairly", psshhh....are you the manager of the show? Do you know how it runs? Are you a platinum album millionaire judge? I don't think so! So there will be no wining here, only my opinions and the possible fates of Season 12's contestants.

    The New York City Auditions aired on January 16, the day Season 12 premiered. New York brought a lot of surprising contenders, many of them being talent less. But with 41 golden tickets total being given out, it ranks as the 4th most talented city of the Audiā€¦

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