The Final 6 contestants of American Idol are working very hard to sing for another week and needs everyone's vote.

Ok this is just my opinion but not to be rude to Jacob but he needs to go. His voice is great just like everyone else's but his voice is not strong enough compared to for example James Durbin or Lauren Alaina. Stephano derserved to stay for another week. I know it depends on the viewer's votes but come on!!! My final 3 that I think will be there are James Durbin, Lauren Alaina, and either Casey Abrams or Scotty McReery. If you think differently let me know. But as I write this, everyone should know the results show is tonight and the voting is now closed. Hope that you voted enough times to save your favorites from elimination. (Don't forget about Pia Tuscano!) For Now i bid you Adeu my fellow wikiites.

~Ooria88 :)

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