There are now reports out there saying that a songwriter and producer who calls himself Dr. Luke may be joining the panel. Like before, I think it would be best to hear it straight from him or from the network before putting it on the season 13 page. Also I wouldn't put too much stock into what Casper Smart says regarding his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez returning. Until she or the network say so, I would take what he says with a grain of salt.

Now another issue has come up. I have been noticing that someone keeps putting Cher Lloyd's name as a possible Idol judge on the season 13 page. From all the Google searches I do to all of the stuff I read online, this isn't true. Yes, she is a British pop star like Cheryl Cole, whose name has been mentioned as a judge, but she will NOT be a judge. I have never seen Cher's name mentioned at all plus I have read that she is releasing a new single, will be working with Ne-Yo on a song, and will be touring with the girl group Fifth Harmony in September so whoever you are, stop mentioning Cher as a possible Idol judge. It's not going to happen.

I apologize for having to write this, but I felt that there was no other way to do it. Thank you.

Kristiegirl (talk) 04:25, August 20, 2013 (UTC)

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