Fare-the-well, Simon, Ellen, and DioHorny.

Simon wasn't too interesting and had no musical taste, Ellen didn't like critisizing people, and Kara was just plain useless.

I don't know why they kept Randy. He's about as useless as Kara. His vocabulary consists of "yo", "dawg", and "pitchy", none of which are actual words in the English language.

However, hearing about the five possible replacements gives me some sort of hope that the show will not be flushed down the Fox toilet in the near future.

Jennifer Lopez - She mentored on the show in season six, and liked Sanjaya, so bonus point right there. She gave good constructive criticism, but she seems too bland.

Jessica Simpson - She's a moron. She could probably pull a Paula and comment on a contestant's second song before they even sing it.

Courtney Love - Now we're talking. We lost dear old Pauler, which was a shame, as her moments of intoxication on the show made it half-watchable. But adding Courtney might make up for her. Paula is tons more messed up than Courtney, but it's a step up from Kara and Ellen.

Steven Tyler - Eh. Possibly train wreck worthy. I'll have to see.

Harry Connick, Jr. - He actually pointed out that "pitchy" is not a word, so bonus points for that. Like JLo, he gave good advice to the contestants when he mentored.

If we had a true panel of train wreck judges, stick Paula in there, get rid of Randy, replace him with Whitney on crack, and Howard Stern. That's a train wreck. But, this... is American Idol, and they're trying to dial down the train wreck. If they had an ideal panel of judges, take everyone out, and replace them with three people who actually know what they're talking about when it comes to music. Pick three good record producers.

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