Simon Cowell has reportedly drawn up a list of over-used songs that X Factor contestants are banned from singing.
The judge is worried that viewers will grow bored of hearing the same songs, according to the
News of the World. It is also reported that Cowell is becoming irritated by his favourite songs being "murdered" by hopefuls.
Banned songs include Kings of Leon's 'Sex on Fire' and two tracks by Paolo Nutini. The move is part of a series of on-going changes for the show, after previous clamp downs on sob stories and the recommendation that hopefuls should get dancing lessons.
A source said: "This is about people's real honesty and personality. It's about them and their stage presence."

The banned songs are:
Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
Paolo Nutini - Last Request
Paolo Nutini - New Shoes
Eva Cassidy - Songbird
Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars


Seriously, this is all he's banning? There've been so many overused songs.

If I may, let me add to the list:

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Oy. Just stop it.
Ain't No Sunshine - sure, Kris Allen did a great job with that, but then both Lee Dewyze and Aaron Kelly butchered it next season
Against All Odds - it was only the tiniest bit awesome when Scott Savol sang it, and ripped off his hat and glasses.
All By Myself - any version, but mostly the Celine version
Alone - Heart is a great band, Ann Wilson is a great singer, and everyone who tackles this song is singing something that's too big for them. It's been sung every season since Carrie Underwood did it, but Allison Iraheta probably sang it better than everyone else who attempted it
And I'm Telling You - this song has been done by everyone under the sun
Apologize - David Archuleta could barely hit the falsetto notes on finale night, and since then, it's been such an overdone song
Bohemian Rhapsody - arguably Queen's best song, and EVERYONE feels the need to sing it
A Change is Gonna Come - Syesha of season seven had the nerve to compaire her time on Idol to the civil rights movement. Moron. Then Adam did a really bad screechy version a year later. Ugh
Come Together - it's my favorite Beatles song and it's been covered by everyone and their mother
Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me - any version of this song. Enough.
Feeling Good - especially after Adam's shitastic version in season 8
Hallelujah - it was good when Jason Castro sang it, now it's been done to death. ENOUGH.
Hero (both the Mariah and Nickelcrap versions) - the Mariah one has been done too much, and the Nickelcrap one just plain sucks.
I Believe - the song isn't even that good, and it can only be sung by one person: Fantasia. STOP IT.
I Don't Wanna Be - if this is the producer's idea of a current pop-rock song, they all need to be fired. There are better songs out there. Elliot Yamin's version in particular sucked.
I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - Just... no. Stop.
I Heard It Through the Grapevine - this damn song has been sung in every season. It's time to retire it
I Will Always Love You - NOBODY DOES THE DOLLY PARTON VERSION. NOBODY. Not even when they had Dolly Parton week. People always sing the Whitney version
Let It Be - Brooke White's version was off-key all over the place, and people have considered it a staple of Beatles songs
Over the Rainbow - any version of this song should be banned (even the one played on a ukelele)
Proud Mary - how many times have people on the show covered this damn song, even if they were just auditioning?
Reflection - how many times has this been sung on the show? Christina has other songs, you know.
Unchained Melody - this is just blatant pandering to Simon, since he pops a boner when someone hits a glory note
Who Wants to Live Forever - anyone who sings this tends to be a student at the Katharine McPhee school of melisma. This is always sung with way too little emotion
You Raise Me Up - oh dear God. Just stop it.

And a few artists, as well:

Whitney Houston - especially "I'm Every Woman" and "I Have Nothing". Any Whitney sung on a reality show is bad Whitney.
Celine Dion - stop singing Celine. You're not that good at it.
Mariah Carey - I mentioned "Hero" before, but now this is to address the rest of Mariah's songs. And I don't quite understand why Idol would choose to have a Mariah Carey week, when the judges always slam the contestants who sing her songs.
Stevie Wonder - especially "Knocks Me Off My Feet", as it contains the unfortunate lyric, "I don't wanna bore you with this," and you should NEVER sing a song that gives the judges ammunition.
Bryan Adams - especially "Heaven".
Journey - this is kissing up to Randy, especially the dickless wonder song "Open Arms". At this point, Journey is only acceptable if it's sung on Glee.
The Beatles - I don't know whose idea it was to have, not one, but two Beatles weeks in season seven. While the Beatles are best sung tongue-in-cheek, nobody really sings it tongue-in-cheek. Stop it. They're ruining the songs of an iconic band.

As well as anything written by Kara DioGuardi or Simon.

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