Every year, the producers swear that this will be the "BEST SEASON OF IDOL EVER", and every year, they're wrong. Just like every year, Seacrest calls the top 24 "THE BEST TOP 24 EVER". Every season, the show gets worse.

In my opinion, J.Lo will be just as useless as Ellen. Unless she starts randomly screaming at Randy or Steven or Seacrest, she's just gonna bore me all season.

I don't have much speculation on how Steven Tyler will be as an Idol judge. All I know is that his face will be hideous in HD.

The producers are taking away everything that made the show entertaining. First, they added Kara, who's a raging bitch, useless judge and terrible songwriter. Then, Paula left. She was useless at judging, too, and was only entertaining when she was drunk. And to those rare Paula stans who are gonna say, "WTFSHE'SNEVERHADADRINKINHERLIFESTFU!!!!111!!!!!", take a look at this:


It's probably the most hysterical Idol video besides the one where Nick Mitchell sang "And I'm Telling You" in the semi-finals.

Simon wasn't a particularly good judge, but his entertaining moments were when he argued with Ryan onstage. The sexual tension between them was ridiculous. I kept waiting for them to make out onstage.

And to those Seacrest fans who are in denial that he's gay, your gaydar blows, js.

In other obvious news, the MySpace auditions are ridiculous, water is wet, bears shit in the woods.

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