I heard that Kara was being added as a fourth judge in season eight, and I had no idea who she was. I also wasn't quite sure why the producers felt the need to add another judge. Maybe this was a way to redeem themselves by adding a judge who's an actual record producer and will convince fans that she knows what she's talking about. But Kara? They had to pick her? There are so many better producers out there.

Kara basically used the show to whore herself out, get attention, and make people like her. The proof of that is in Katrina Darrell's audition, or as she’s is known to most people, Bikini Girl. As soon as Katrina walked in, Kara immediately didn't like her. It's very obvious why, too. Especially after Katrina sings. Katrina sings Mariah's "Vision of Love", and actually is pretty good. She's not amazing, but she's better than a lot of the people who auditioned that season. I'm getting tired of people singing Mariah, Celine, Whitney, Christina, etc., because they're not that good at it. Even Katrina. She picked a song that was too big for her.

Then, Kara goes into bitchy critique mode, but "claims" that she's not insulting Katrina because she's better looking than Kara, and then has the nerve to sing Katrina's song herself, to prove to herself that she can sing it better than Katrina. To be honest, Katrina's version is a lot better, mainly because Kara was trying to out-melisma her.

I didn't like the way Kara spoke to Katrina. She told Katrina, bitchily, that she didn't have the chops to sing that song. I agree with Kara on that notion, but she could have said it nicely. Katrina rightfully fired back with, "Your demonstration wasn't any better." OH SNAP! This leads to Kara getting pissed, calling Katrina a bitch (which they didn’t bleep out in the broadcast, but they did when the flashback was shown in Hollywood week), and singing the song AGAIN, trying to out-melisma her AGAIN. Seriously, Kara, if you say Katrina can't sing Mariah, what makes you think you can? You're not even that good a singer.

I was not expecting Kara to be nicer to Katrina in Hollywood. Katrina is a good singer, and Kara is obviously jealous of her. Whether it’s that Katrina is better looking than Kara, or her singing is better, Kara does not hold back when it comes her turn to critique. Katrina is passed through to the group rounds, and Kara goes for the jugular after Katrina’s group sings. When Katrina is cut, Kara calls her a bitch AGAIN, as she leaves. Kara, your insecurity is showing and it wants plastic surgery, stat.

Then, to capitalize on the whole catfight, the producers plan a duet with Katrina and Kara. They have Katrina sing first, then turn off her microphone in the middle of her song, and have Kara come out and sing the rest of it. Then, to whore herself out, she strips down to her bikini. My eyes! Kara is not only annoying and rude to people based on her own insecurities, but she cannot rock a bikini like Katrina.

Whoring herself out? Check. Desperately wants attention? Check. Wants to make people like her? Yup. The whole thing where she out-melisma'd Katrina at her audition was done in a way that you should side with Kara, and that Katrina is the bitch. This was the first time I saw Kara be a judge, and I was not impressed by her. I was Team Katrina. I’m glad they fired her.

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