This show is starting to wear thin on me. The talent on the show has become worse and worse since season 7. Season 6 was the show's peak. It had Melinda, Jordin, Blake, and of course Sanjaya. Sanjaya was the best part of the show just because he was fun to watch.

My main problem with the talent is that there are two niches that the contestants fill. They're either terrible or they're boring. At least Rachel Zevita was interesting. I was rooting for her to win the whole thing.

And now at the end of this season, white guy with guitar #4 has won the show. I remember first seeing Scotty and I honestly couldn't understand why he kept surviving week after week. I did find his head tilt and googly eyes funny, though. Eventually, I wanted him to win just so another white guy with a guitar could win the show.

Lady Gaga was funny as hell when she mentored. I loved her advice to the contestants and how blunt she was with what she wanted them to do. She also made James and Scotty the teensiest bit uncomfortable when she mentored them. Love it.

I'll finish up with this comment: When I heard Haley sing "You and I", I remember thinking to myself, "This is the best talent they could find in America???"

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