So what do the country radio programmers think of American Idol Season 10 country crooner finalists Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina? Well it turns out they're not quite singing their praises. Yet.

"I'm calling in sick the day they bring Scotty by on radio tour," said Toni-Marie, music director for Bakersfield, Calif., station KUZZ, tells's Phyllis Stark in her latest Stark Country newsletter. "I wish people would quit comparing this kid to Josh Turner. He attempts to sound like him, but the only thing he is successful at is looking like the kid on MAD magazines ... Maybe Scotty does have some potential. I don't see it, but he needs someone to teach him to be who Scotty is. Quit doing JT covers and doing that weird eye thing that only Queen Reba can get away with."

If you follow the country music scene, you might not be surprised to hear this type of harsh criticism. But let's remember there was a lot of skepticism surrounding Carrie Underwood when she came off the show.

Still, she wasn't quite lambasted the way Scott has been. Program director Buzz Jackson for KIMM in Tuscon Arizona has this to say-"Scotty has't demonstrated that he can be anything but creepy."

Jess Wright, PD for WFRE in Frederick, Md., tells Stark, "If Scotty McCreery gets signed, I'm gonna need to change my phone number."

Lauren Alaina gets a better reaction from the radio mavens, though they still have their reservations about the young Georgia native. Sentiments seem to run along the lines of that expressed by Tony Randall of the syndicated Tony and Kris morning show. He says, "Lauren is a doll and very talented, [but] needs some more experience. [She's] young and fragile, and it shows."

Eddie Hatfield music director for KJJY in Des Moines, Iowa, says, "Lauren has a shot if she's handled correctly."

Gregg Swedberg of Minneapolis, Minn., station KEEY, takes an opposing view on the situation, however, noting that a launch pad of 25 million viewers is a pretty good starting point for a career.

"Just a reminder: Scotty's 17, and he's a pretty good showman at that age," the KEEY PD tells Stark. "How can he not get even better? ... I just think it's silly to unconditionally reject him.

"It's all about the songs. If they get him the songs, if he can do a good job choosing them, if he learns to write them himself, if he gets the music, he'll make it. And I figure that rather than shooting holes in it before it starts, let's see what the kid can do."

I for one have hopes that Scotty and Lauren can win over their naysayers... What about you? Do you think these country critics are just angry that they're not on stage themselves???

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