Charity Vance auditioned in the Chicago audtions for season 9. She lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her mom and dad own a

Charity Vance

salon. She sang "Summertime".

Randy Jackson said she had a soft voice, but an interesting sound. Guest judge Shania Twain said she should hope in the better quality of her voice, but still loved it. Simon Cowell said it was incredible, and she would sound great on a record. She made it to Hollywood Week. She sang Irreplacible with Michelle Dellamore and Ashley Rodregez.

For her Final Performance she sang "Gravity". She left with Group B on American Idol.

No word on whether Vance has any plans to try out for Idol again or any singing competition show for that matter in the future. She currently runs a YouTube Channel called "Charity Vance", where she posts originals songs, covers, and collaborations with other YouTube artists. 

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