Brett Loewenstern is one of season ten's top twenty four contestants. He was eliminated on Thursday, March 3, 2011.

Brett's Top 24 Photo

Top 40Edit

When the judges were deciding who were going to be in the top twelve, Brett, Colton Dixon, and Jaycee Badeaux were the last three boys and only one of them could pass, and they picked Brett.

Top 12 GuysEdit

After Brett's performence of "Light My Fire", Jennifer Lopez said that Brett just did more hair twirling than her and Beyonce in the last 10 years.

Songs Brett sang
Audtion Bohemian Rhapsody Judges liked it and let him go through
Group song Mercy The Judges thought it was Great
Top 24 Light My Fire Eliminated
Brett was O.K. during his Top 24 performance, but was not allowed to be a Wild Card pick.

Young years Edit

When Brett was young, he was picked on and made fun of a lot during school.


In top group week Bretts group was:

Brett, Jaycee, Denise, Natalie , Steve ! They did good ! They all got through

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